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  • Progress and other award schemes ...

    • SDAC Outdoor Progress Badge Scheme  (updated 29.09.2016)
      A brief description of the outdoor progress badge schemes.

    • SDAC Indoor Progress Badge Scheme  (added 28.09.2016)
      A brief description of the badge colours and points required.

    • Archery GB progress award schemes etc.  (added 17.09.2016)
      An extract from the 'Rules of Shooting' describing the various award schemes and badges that can be won - and what you have to do to achieve them.

    • FITA Feather and Arrow Awards  (added 06.03.2017)
      From the 'World Archery Beginners Manual' describing the FITA Feather (young juniors) and Arrow (junior and adult) award schemes.

    • SDAC Indoor Portsmouth Awards (a brief description)  (updated 10.09.2019)
      This scheme, operated by many other clubs, is an incentive to improve your indoor shooting.  Badges are available for anyone shooting the relevant scores averaged over 3 Portsmouth rounds in a season.  Longbows start at 300 points, Recurves at 400 and Compounds at 500.  Badge values are: 300, 325, 350, 375, etc., up to 575.  (Lower value badges are returnable as you progress up the ladder - or you may purchase for £2.)

  • Better Shooting and other Training Material ...

    • SDAC Abbreviated Rules and Etiquette  (added 17.09.2016)
      The title is obvious - but how many of these do we all forget every now and then?

    • Simple Tips to Better Shooting  (added 17.09.2016)
      Another obvious title - but this guide will remind you of many of the very important basic steps.

    • "String picture" - an excellent article  (added 21.09.2016)
      A very good article by Andrew Smith of Perris Archery - clearly explains the principle and how to work out your own "string picture" for improved accuracy.

    • FITA Coach's Manual Level 2  (added 17.09.2016)
      This is the full version - with many chapters of useful and detailed information. Not just for coaches!

    • Archery GB Coaching Videos  (added 07.02.2017)
      Very clear training videos - in short, watchable segments - from the Team GB coaches. Highly recommended.

  • Miscellaneous ...

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